Robert Garner - Godwick Turkeys
Robert Garner – Godwick Turkeys

Welcome to Godwick Turkeys. We are a family run Norfolk business specialising in producing quality free range turkeys for Christmas.

We have been supplying families with great tasting succulent Christmas turkey for 50 years – we guarantee a Godwick Norfolk turkey will not disappoint.

All our Christmas turkeys are dry-plucked by hand and are hung for 14 days in the traditional way to guarantee a rich tasting, succulent meat.

Just the way it should be. 

Norfolk has been synonymous with rearing great tasting turkeys for a very long time and we work very hard to keep that tradition going. If you want a great tasting turkey at Christmas then order a Norfolk free range turkey from Godwick. We can guarantee the quality and that they are reared the way they should be.

Here’s an old ode to the great Norfolk turkey from the Illustrated London News, Dec 26 1846

Looming through the distance murky, Lo!The Noble Norfolk turkey
Off! Never man could lay embargo
On a better, braver cargo.


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