Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

FAQs are designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions with regards to Godwick Turkeys and our products.

  • All our products are freshly prepared and dressed prior to despatch.  They are sent in our own delivery boxes which include ice packs and are despatched from our cold store.

    Our Courier has lots of deliveries to make, so it really does help if there is somebody at your chosen address to receive your order.  We can deliver to either a home or work address, but if no-one will be in please add an Order Note to tell us where you would like the delivery left.

    A Godwick Turkey’s tried and tested fully insulated packaging means it is perfectly safe to leave in the box for up to 24 hours after delivery, in a place that’s not too hot (so you could have it delivered to a work address).  Then you should refrigerate it so you store it for the very best taste, or if you alternately refreeze the ice packs contained in the box you can continue to use the delivery box as a temporary fridge.

  • Godwick free range turkeysMass produced turkeys
    Secure fencing allows our turkeys 24 hours access to pastures. This allows them to enjoy the great outdoors and they display more natural behaviour patterns.
    All our turkeys can go outside during the day and can come in at night to spacious pole barns Often reared in cramped conditions
    Bedded on fresh dry straw Not littered frequently which can give the birds breast blisters
    Grown to maturity, which is a minimum of 26 weeks old, this means they have developed a natural covering of fat making the meat succulent and juicy Immature, grown to 12-16 weeks old, no fat coverings
    Dry plucked by hand Wet plucked in hot stale water
    Sinews removed Sinews NOT removed
    Delayed evisceration and hung in chillers to tenderise the meat giving it maximum taste and texture. Normally hung for between 7 and 21 days Hot eviscerated, blast chilled and usually gas flushed
    Prepared at Godwick with minimum stress to the bird Usually transported long distances for production
    Godwick turkeys is a family run business. Management and daily work is completed by our small team who have the desire to provide the highest standards of welfare for our turkeys Employees may not have the same commitment, drive and dedication to the welfare of their birds

  • The Norfolk Black turkey is one of the original turkey breeds. It’s statuesque stature and deep black plummage made it very desirable when turkeys were first imported into Europe from the Americas and Mexico. The Norfolk Black is widely regarded as one of the oldest turkey breeds. It is a slightly slower growing bird, but has a fantastic flavour that is slightly gamey to taste.  It’s absolutely delicious cold and hot but if you enjoy cold turkey and chutneys on Boxing Day then this turkey is a winner every time due to its rich natural flavour. A truly unbeatable natural product full of taste and quality.

    The Bronze turkey was bred out of the Norfolk Black and has a mellow succulent taste which really rattles the taste buds. It has a broad breast will give you plenty of succulent white breast meat. We can guarantee that Godwick bronze turkeys, provided that they are cooked properly, will be succulent and moist meat, as they are allowed to age naturally and so develop a natural finish. This gives them a small layer of fat covering which when cooked permeates through the bird, giving it a moist flavoursome taste. 

  • We recommend that you allow 500g per person for your Christmas lunch for a cooked, fresh free range turkey and then allow extra on top for your cold cuts depending on how much you enjoy eating cold turkey after Christmas Day. 

    For turkey breast joints and three bird roasts then allow 250g per person for your Christmas lunch and then allow extra for cold cuts. 

    If you are eating goose on Christmas Day we would recommend 750g per person for your main meal and allow for extra for cold cuts on top of this.

Customer Feedback

  • "I just wanted you to know what a splendid turkey you sent me for Christmas. The bird was lovely, flavoursome and moist and cooked very well. All the best."

    Antony Worrall Thompson
    Celebrity Chef
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for a really lovely turkey. This was the first time we had had  a Godwick Turkey, and the taste was fabulous. It was also really nice to have a bird with no bruising on at all, which shows the quality of life the birds have had. Please keep up the good work, we shall be ordering again next year too be sure."

    Sylvia Houldershaw
  • "I just wanted to let you know that the 7.6kg turkey we bought from you was, without doubt, the best turkey we have had for many a year. So, thank you! We will definitely be placing an order with you next year!"

    Roger Fry
  • "I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for your incredible Norfolk Black Turkey that we received from you for Christmas. It's been the best turkey we've ever had, and for years I've sourced turkeys from all the so called "best suppliers". Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say that your turkey was delicious, tender, full of flavour and the delivery service faultless. I will certainly be ordering next year from you. Thank you again"

    Hawys Rees
  • "Godwick Turkeys are, without a shadow of doubt, *the* best turkeys I've ever tasted. I'll be back again next Christmas."

    Michael Oglesby


FAQs are designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions with regards to Godwick Turkeys and products.

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